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Fancy an electric carriage?

In business use, or just for you?

Purchase of an electric carriage

All of our electric carriages are unique and are made to order.  They meet the German requirements of the Federal Motor Transport Authority and are street legal according to German guidelines.

If you want to use the carriages for commercial passenger transport, we always check the respective requirements of the local licensing authority beforehand. These can demand additional equipment from the requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Office, which usually serve to ensure the safety of passengers.

In other European countries, the same requirements often apply so that we also check an official requirement here, since we provide the technical documents.

In addition to these official requirements, we also respond to your personal wishes, for example when it comes to the choice of leather or the color of individual components.

Based on this information, we will make you an offer. Used vehicles are rarely available due to the longevity of our vehicles – but: it doesn't cost anything to ask!


Im Fuchsbau 26, 51109 Cologne, Germany


Thanks for sending!

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