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A mechanically driven carriage

In several years of development, Carrosse DeLouis has designed a road-legal vehicle that combines the elegance of a posh parade carriage with the most modern components of a modern automobile. Our motor vehicle harmoniously combines the world's oldest body shape with the technical advances of a modern vehicle.

The electric drive has been experiencing a renaissance for several years now. Modern accumulators are small, light and already have a considerable energy density. That's why we decided right from the start to drive our motor vehicles electrically. State-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries supply the two asynchronous machines that drive the vehicles with sufficient energy. Together, the engines generate an output of approx. 18 KW. 

The advantages for our passengers are obvious: almost noiseless gliding along with no exhaust emissions make a trip with Carrosse DeLouis an impressive and unforgettable experience. Almost all components of our premium version are   handcrafted - almost for eternity -. The frame is made of full C-steel and was covered with solid wood in traditional carriage construction. The wooden ornaments are carved from linden wood; the iron decorative and supporting elements are all forged over the forge. The brass parts are 24-carat gold-plated. The roof, seats and sky are lined with fine cowhide or velvet. The painting was carried out using a special process in which seven base and top coats of paint are applied. The decorative stripes are then applied to all parts by a carriage painter using traditional techniques.

With the same consistency, we have resorted to the most modern control and regulation techniques for the technology that works in secret. All functions are taken over and monitored by three powerful computers that communicate with each other via an information BUS system. Wherever the StVZVO permits, indirect control via signal transmission devices with ongoing monitoring has been implemented. A process that is already being used in modern aircraft and is being used increasingly in automobile construction.

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vehicle safety systems

We assemble the drive system and the control of the electrics according to our own plans from proven components from well-known manufacturers. Wheels, chassis and body are made by the best craftsmen in their trade. Our suppliers are among the purveyors to the court of the largest European royal families. Their carriages have been used there for centuries!

An important note: computers, GPS and the Internet are integral parts of our carriages. Because this technology forms the backbone of our business model. We use them for marketing, sales and billing in the form of highly integrated and data-secured processes.  In this way, we ensure the quality of our service to our customers as well as to our franchise partners and investors.


The technical details...

  • Hydraulic dual-circuit brake system with vacuum brake booster (Lockheed Martin Corp.)

  • 4 double-shoe drum brakes with mechanical brake reset (Fiat SpA)

  • Mechanical-hydraulic brake pedal with proportional braking force control

  • Mechanical parking brake acting on rear wheels

  • Mechanical direct rack and pinion steering and vertical steering column

  • 2 rear axle drive roller chains, each with a maximum load of 28,900 N and automatic mechanical chain tensioners with overload protection

  • Mechanical 6-leaf steel suspension on front and rear axles for suspension and shock absorption

  • Road traffic-approved, treadless, firmly vulcanized hard rubber tires, width 80 mm, on solid hardwood wheels, each with a maximum load of approx. 1,600 kg

  • 2 digital drive controllers with automatic overload cut-off, acceleration limiter and speed limiter 25 km/h  (PG Drive Technology, Curtiss-Wright Group Corp. NC, USA)

  • Fully automatic electronic direction selection with driving condition-dependent control  the change of direction

  • 75 lithium-ion accumulators with 3.2 volts individual voltage and 80 volts total voltage (Winston Energy Group LTD) with 35 mm² cross-section copper wiring

  • Electronic battery temperature monitor with automatic shutdown

  • Two rear-axle drive motors (Schwarz Elektromotoren GmbH) with fixed ratio direct gear (Bockwoldt GmbH)

  • Redundant computer-controlled battery charger (on-board/off-board)  with digital overload protection (Zivan SA) for 220 volt and 380 volt input voltage with IEC 62196 connector system

  • Central drivers desk with status and warning lights for lighting, direction indicators, electrical driving system and battery status

  • Central fuse panel with individual overload fuses for all on-board electrical systems

  • Central safety ignition lock (Hella KgaA) 

  • Central emergency shutdown via emergency stop mushroom pushbutton on the driver's desk

  • Seat and fan heating driver and passengers,

  • All lighting, brake lights,  reversing lights, direction indicators, rear fog lights, reflector lights, license plate lights and parking lights according to StvZO with approvals according to ECE

  • Adjustable outside rear view mirrors left and right, width 10 cm, height 18 cm

  • Two-point lap belts with safety lock and release

  • Individual seats for drivers, can be used for size adjustment

  • On-board powder fire extinguisher, 2kg according to DIN EN 3

  • 8 warning vests, flashlight, warning triangle, first aid kit DIN 13164

  • Central online-supported driving time monitoring, work and driving time documentation using standard forms (on-board computer)

  • Route documentation using GPS-based data transmission

landing gear

Electric drive; vehicle electronics


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