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Offer new adventures with
Carosse DeLouis

Heritage . Adventure . Sustainability.

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ABOUT Carrosse DeLouis

"When I have money and leisure, I want to build an electro-magnetic cabrriage that will certainly not leave me sitting in the dirt."   Werner von Siemens (1816-1892)

Werner von Siemens already dreamed of it in 1848 - driving an electric carriage. His dream came true. With his visionary ideas, he created a global corporation that also became the engine of our economy since the 19th century. We owe our economic and social development to the entrepreneurial power of people like him, but also to Thomas Alva Edison and Emil Rathenau.

Discover what possibilities an electric carriage opens up for you as a franchisee or buyer, which you can use in the field of city tourism and events.

Discover your opportunities to offer unique city tours  and classic rides under the Carrosse DeLouis brand.


Our electric carriages in action

Discover the possible uses in your city


Sightseeing tours

Electric carriages in sightseeing use

Its not a little time that we have, its a lot of time that we dont use properly.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca (c. AD 1 – AD 65)

We invite you to experience a retrospective vehicle with us. Drive through the city or into the countryside in our elegant electric carriages and show your customers what you know and what you don't know.

Discover the most beautiful places in the city from a different perspective and at a leisurely pace on private tours.


Dedicate city tours on different topics to your customers. And for a special occasion, offer your customers an AristoCab, the exclusive service where your customers  determine the route.  With this, you will inspire – Your score guaranteed.

event rides

Electric carriages in event use

Dont lose yourself in distant times! Seize the moment! Its yours.    Friedrich Schiller (1759 - 1805)

There is something to celebrate – namely your customers! It will be an honor for you to design the noble framework according to your customer's wishes. You can carry your customers romantically and stylishly on the occasion of weddings, anniversaries, or company celebrations.

From the perfect backdrop for film and photo shoots.


Regarding the duration, our electric carriages offer you a large radius of action for  events. Carriages with a range of several hundred kilometers are available throughout the day and into the evening. Depending on the occasion, offer your guests a range of outstanding services and amenities.


Whether you want the right drinks or a romantic decoration, your dedicated staff will take care of the personal wishes of your guests. In our carriages there is not only space for the necessary utensils, but also the necessary connections, such as for coolers,  picnic baskets or internet.



Im Fuchsbau 26, 51109 Cologne, Germany


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