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Shaping new perspectives sustainably



Strong together

A franchise system lives from the fact that its success factors in the market and competition are implemented as effectively as possible. The know-how of the business holds the key to success. When the lock and key fit together, everyone benefits – franchisors, investors, franchisees, sales partners and finally the guest!


Our business launches a number of very innovative components. The vehicle itself and the associated IT systems are new developments. They enable entirely new processes in market cultivation, in sales and in the provision of our services. Above all, this set of tools enables top performance at very reasonable costs – an invaluable advantage in the competition for tourists!


To be successful in this environment, you as a franchisee not only have to think entrepreneurial, but also have internalized the idea of service. Consistent entrepreneurial commitment is one of the most important success factors.


Occupy lucrative markets

We ourselves supply the complete business concept, including all systems and equipment. We provide the competence and clout for marketing and sales. And we make sure that you can offer your passengers the perfect service. This is the only way we can win the market together and occupy this attractive segment permanently.


We have an idea of how and when we want to develop which city. But maybe you have another idea, perhaps a better one?

We are a system business. But that doesn't mean we would not be flexible. Because we designed the Carrosse DeLouis system so that it can be used for many markets. Whether big-city or rural jewel, whether tourist magnet or cultural solitaire, Carrosse DeLouis offers a wide range of possibilities.


We have created a creative seed that will grow and thrive. The potential for this is so great that we cannot yet see the limits. But the first and most important step, the market test, has already been taken.



Im Fuchsbau 26, 51109 Cologne, Germany


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